URM: Adding the catalan language

From Oracle Barcelona we continue working to facilitate the implantation of our products to our clients and, given that a lot of them needs it, we offer them the translation to the catalan language as Oracle does not offers it by default. In this case, an package is attached with all the content translated for Oracle Universal Records Management (URM) and the necessary steps to enable this language:

Given that Oracle URM is based on the Oracle UCM technology, is also required to have it translated. You can follow the catalan installation guide for UCM 10g in this post:

Catalan translation pack for URM

1) Download the translation pack from the Downloads section. This package already has all the content translated, so no modifications are required
2) Make the ca folder in the directory:
"Installation Path"/custom/RM10gR3UiLanguagePack/lang and copy the content of RMProductStrings in the new folder
3) Restart the Content Server

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