UCM: Adding the catalan language

The philosophy and internationalization of Oracle makes that all of its products have, from the installation, the most extended languages in the world which is not included the catalan language.
You can read the internationalization capabilities (I18N) and localization (L10N) of UCM in the links below:

From Oracle Barcelona, we cover the Mediterranean zone where the user interface in catalan if an often petition, specially in the Public Administration sector.
This fact, makes that we think that is important to explain the way to add the catalan language to the Universal Content Management (UCM) or other languages:

Catalan translation pack for UCM

1) Download the package with the required files in the Downloads section. This pack already contains all the content translated, then no modification is required.
2) Modify the std_locale.htm file from the directory:
"Installation Path"/custom/CS10gR3/CoreUpdate/core/resources

Note: If the UCM installation has some update patch, you must modify the path for the new version, i.e.: CS10gR34CoreUpdate

Option 1: Overwrite the std_locale file with the attached in the translation pack.
Option 2: Add the new lines in the configuration tables (The attached std_locale.htm file can help you as a guide)

3) Copy the ca folder in the directory: "Installation Path"/custom/Localization/lang
4) Make the folder ca in the directory: "Installation Path"/weblayout/resources/lang
5) Restart the Content Server

Note: You can verify the process through the System Properties application, in Windows: Start > Programs > Oracle > Oracle Content Server > idc > utilities > System Properties
In the Localization tab should appear the new language as enabled.

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