UCM: Installation of UCM 11g

The effectiveness and benefits of UCM are shown daily in the interest of customers and partners who choose to implement records management in their information systems. Oracle understands this and for this reason continues promoting its product Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) and the entire Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite to provide solutions.
Since April 2010, the new version 11g has been released offering more potential than the previous version and has made improvements such as running on the upper layers of the WebLogic application server.

To introduce in the new version, you can see the installation tutorial of UCM 11g:

ECM Suite and RCU utility
Weblogic Server

Oracle's oficial documentation for ECM 11g
Quick installation guide for UCM 11g

Note: This guide has been installed in a Oracle Enterprise Linux operating system. It can change some step if you are installing on a Windows operating system.

Note: This tutorial assumes that there is an installed Database running on the system. It would be necessary of any supported database to continue with the tutorial.

1) Preparing the Database
1.1) Download and extract the Repository Creation Utility from the downloads section
1.2) Execute .../rcuHome/bin/rcu
1.3) An assistant guide will appear and will create the required schemas on the database depending of the selected installation product

2) Installation of the Weblogic Application Server
2.1) Once the shcema is created, download and extract the Weblogic Server installer
2.2) Launch the installer .../wls1033_linux32.bin
2.3) Follow the installation assistant

3) Installation of the Fusion Middleware ECM Suite
3.1) With the prepared database and the Weblogic Server installed, the next step is the installation of ECM Suite 11g where, in this case, this tutorial will install only Oracle UCM 11g. Download and extract the ECM Suite
3.2) Execute .../Disk1/runInstaller
3.3) Follow the installation assistant

4) Creating a Weblogic domain
4.1) Once all the software is ready, now you must create a Weblogic domain for UCM
4.2) Execute ./"ECM_ORACLE_HOME"/common/bin/config.sh
4.3) Follow the installer assistant
4.4) Optimize the JAVA configuration using the command:

export USER_MEM_ARGS="-Xms256m -Xmx1024m -XX:CompileThreshold=8000 -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m"

5) Start UCM 11g
5.1) Finally UCM 11g is ready to run!

(Duration: 2 min.)


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  2. perfect summary for UCM 11g installation ..

  3. Sir I've already installed jdev1. ,Xe database ,RCU, Weblogic Server is already installed in Jdeveloper(integrated weblogic server)and now to follow some tutorial I've gone thru the installation of UCM
    I'm using windows7professional 64bit

    When I try to Execute .../runInstaller -OPEN WITH WINDOW IS APPEAR..what to do

    and IF I assume that from setup CD1 UCm is completly installed cox it cant ask me to give path for part C2 ,and also gone complete 100% ,
    when creating DOMAIN ..TEST Connection is failed due to incorect username and passeord
    HOW TO FIND THAT pasword that I've selected for Schema during RCU

    I've Created DEV , UCM and PORTAL schema from RCU. and Then try to install UCM ,when schema passwrd screen appear for LOGIN and Create weblogic domain , It tell me INCORRECT PASSWORD, SO , I've DROP these 3 schema using RCU , during DROP schema, different errors appeared , and I've DELETED the middleware\rcu_Home folder and Unzip the rcu.rar fresh file to the same directory
    when I RUN rcu.bat and selectec CREATE SCHEMA then RCU WOUNDNT ALLOW ME TO CREATE SCHEMAS FOR PORTAL , DEV , UCM ..and also they appear in combo box to select

    I think it only droped not DELETED
    tell me the sqlplus commands fro DELETE schema. and also tell if it is DANGEROUS to delete some schema(example DEV schema) as I'm developing portal via WEBCENTER -Jdeveloper(integrated weblogic) , Xe , RCU, UCM )


  5. Configuring JDBC Component schema :::::::

    ORA:01017 Test failed : invalid username/passwrd,; logon denied
    I’m creating base_domain (weblogic domain for components schema)
    I’ve rite
    schema owner : mDEV1_OCS
    oracle driver (thin) service connection ……..
    schema pass: weblogic1
    service : Xe
    port: 1521


    plz help me in CREATING and completing weblogic Domain WIZARD so I can use UCM ..I’ve short time
    Thanks for reply

    I THINK I HAD SET THE DEV1 schema password portal or ucm or weblogic1 but thrice of them are not working and i'm stuck at 1 place

    please also tell me SQL commands for Schema password


  6. Jojo,
    Your problem is in the login, please verify all your usernames and passwords. Also remember that all the components have to be running (DB+Weblogic).
    Please, also verify that the Database XE is supported in the certification matrix!

  7. Are there any troubleshooting and performance tuning docs
    and how do i download

  8. Are there any books that will help me to gain more knowledge and experience