UCM: How to create a new skin and layout

There is the possibility to change the look & feel in UCM and, this way, adapt the user interface to any organization that works with this product: changing the logo for its own, modify colors and CSS style, ...

Below, you can see a viewlet showing the necessary steps to create a new layout. In this example, it copies an existing template and it modifies some selected elements.

Note: This viewlet is based in UCM 10g version

1) Copy any existing layout of the system in "Installation Path"/weblayout/resources/layouts
2) Modify images, CSS style or layout
3) Copy the modified layout to the system in "Installation Path"/weblayout/resources/layouts
4) Log-in into the Content Server with an user with administration rights
5) Open the Admin Server (Administration > Admin Server)
6) Add the Additional Configuration Variables:
7) Restart the Content Server
8) Publish the static layout (Administration > Actions > Publish static layout files)
9) Publish schema and configuration data (Administration > Actions > Publish schema and configuration data)
10) Done. Log-in with any user and configure the new look & fell in his profile.

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(Duration: 6min - Video comments in spanish)


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