UCM: Enabling full text search

To enable the full search in Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) you must modify the configuration file. This is located in (under Windows or Linux):

"Installation Path"\config\config.cfg

Then, you must append this line: SearchIndexerEngineName=DATABASE.FULLTEXT in the Additional Variables section of the file.
Later, you must restart the Content Server and rebuild the index.

How to rebuild the index?
1) Log-in to the Content Server
2) Click on the Administration tab
3) Click on Admin Applets
4) Click on the Repository Manager button
5) Open the Indexer tab
6) In the Automatic Update Cycle, click Start
7) In the Collection Rebuild Cycle, click Start

Once the rebuild is finished, the Content Server will be able to perform full text search.

Oracle's oficial documentation for Oracle UCM 10g

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