ODC: Install and configure Oracle Document Capture

Oracle offers in its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite solutions for the capture and document recognition. Oracle Document Capture (ODC) 10g is a desktop application designed to capture documents for, later, recognize some areas and metadata and index them against a target repository, which can be a file system, database, Content Server UCM, etc.
Oracle Document Capture incorporates other features such as indexing, recognition and import of documents in a customized and programmable batch processes. It also includes the Oracle Distributed Document Capture (ODDC) technology, an application based on a web interface to scan and index documents in a distributed environment.
The following summarizes the steps in a Viewlet to install and configure Oracle Document Capture. This example shows the installation in a single-user, which stores all the configuration information in a local database (Microsoft Access file). Once you followed these steps, the system should be ready to define the scanning and indexing profiles.

Oracle's oficial documentation for ECM 10g
Installation guide for ODC

Oracle ODC and ODDC

(Duration: 3 min.)


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