UCM: Creating search and check-in profiles with custom metadata

To enhance the experience with Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM), users and clients create search and check-in profiles and, this way, they can adapt the Content Server to their business requirements.
To take full advantage of content management is essential to define what type of documents will be searched or checked-in on the system, defining and creating, in turn, new associated metadata.

Then, you can see a viewlet showing how to create new profiles and new metadata in Oracle UCM. The example shows how to add the new category "Training Documents" which has two new metadata fields, a simple type that contains the name of the instructor and other drop-down list with the type of training (presencial, online, self-study...).

Oracle's official documentation for UCM 11g

Oracle ECM suite 11g

(Duration: 6 min.)


  1. I tried to follow same steps as mentioned in video..But when i click on Search/New Check-in , on form, traing_type list is showing loadning values....(its not showing all the training type options which we added)

    1. Hi garg,

      if you create a option list metadata, you have to publish schema to get the values. You can do it by two ways:

      1) Wait for the event which publish the schema automatically.
      2)Select "Publish schema" in the options menu of the Configuration Manager.

    2. Hi,
      I have tried the same.but when I integrate in webcenter portal application as document manager task-flow.
      when I am uploading new document its not asking for metadata fields. or if I check in doc in UCM UI its working fine,
      here I am facing other problem when I trying to update metadata (Advanced) .its not opening means(404 error)
      please see this link u will get idea,

      give me some solution