HOWTO: Resize or create a new partition in a virtual machine

A bad forecast when partitioning a virtual machine can make it useless. To avoid to install again the operating system, you can use tools to increase the size of partitions or create new ones.

VMware Server or VMware Workstation
gParted liveCD or liveCD linux distribution with gParted

VMware downloads
gParted downloads

1) Edit the virtual machine in the configuration interface of VMware
2) In the hardware section, edit the Hard Disk configuration
3) Click on increase capacity and introduce the new size
4) In the hardware section, edit the CD/DVD drive configuration
5) Configure the drive to load the gParted LiveCD image (.iso)
6) Click on Configure VM to load the BIOS on the next start
7) Ensure DVD drive is the first boot option. If not, use "+" and "-" keys to change the boot order
8) Save and exit. gParted LiveCD is going to boot
9) Use the default configuration or change it if necessary
10) Once in the graphical mode, you must be able to change an existing partition or create a new. Click the Apply button to commit changes.

(Duration: 2 min.)

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