UCM: Managing video conversions and filters with FlipFactory

As you know, Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) allows you to store video files and transform them into other video file with different format and resolution. Through the FlipFactory admin console, a 3rd party conversion module, you can configure new conversion types where you can choose the output extension, resolution,... or apply filters like text overlay, saturation, noise reduction...

At the end of this post, you can follow a viewlet explaining the needed steps to configure the Content Server to provide a new conversion type, in this example, a new conversion with .avi output file with a watermark filter.


Oracle's official documentation for UCM 11g

Oracle ECM suite 11g

(Duration: 4 min.)

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  1. Great ! Thanks for posting the detail about Oracle universal content management and viewlet that explains all the steps to configure the content server. I will definitely go through the documentation and presentation to learn this concept in detail.
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