Setting permissions between Oracle UCM and Webcenter Spaces

Web applications usually consume dynamic content from the Content Server to enrich the website. In a Webcenter application, the task flow Content Presenter allows your web application to display documents from Oracle UCM (or other repositories) using the advantages that UCM provides: document conversions, workflow revisions or security layer.

This last one is a important point to take care because the web application's security permissions will be based on the configuration between the Content Server and Webcenter. For this reason, a summary of how to check and troubleshoot your configuration is explained in the section below:

In the example, you are going to grant write permission to user Bob who is a contributor in the web application and has the role PersonalSpacesRole. This role is defined for users who will interact with the Content Server. You are going to grant permissions to any folder created with security group "public".

You can follow the official documentation to create these users, roles and security groups: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17904_01/webcenter.1111/e12405/wcadm_documents.htm#CIHFHAAD


1) Login to the Content Server as an administrator user
2) In the administration tab, open Admin Applets
3) Click on User Admin
4) Click on Security menu and select Permissions by Role option
5) Select the webcenter user role (in the example PersonalSpacesRole) and select the security group you want to grant permissions (in the example Public)
6) Click on Edit Permissions
button and update the values.
7) Now, all the users with the PersonalSpacesRole should be able to edit documents in any Public folder


Oracle's official documentation for UCM 11g
Oracle's official documentation for Webcenter Spaces

Oracle UCM 11g
Oracle Webcenter 11g

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